Office refurb flooring:

A very significant side of our business is carpeting new and refurbished office fit-outs. Whether subcontracting to a shop fitter, builder, major contractor or working direct with building owner, tenant or leasing agent, we understand your needs. We have the capacity to install 1500sq m of carpet in three days and if required can work around the clock to meet heavy deadlines. We are constantly working in city office towers as well as on small-to-medium installations around the suburbs.


Over the years, we have completed numerous installations in hotels, motels, sporting and nightclubs, reception centres and theatres. Whether your requirements are for a special individual design, specification or simply finding the most suitable product, you can rest assured we will work with you in the selection process then take complete control and responsibility during installation.

Commercial vinyl flooring:

This is the most specialised area of our business – hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and retail showrooms. Whether your project has products specified or you need to find the right product for a certain project, our expertise in this area is supported by the best commercial vinyl installers in Melbourne, who ensure your project is completed on time with no fuss.